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It is very important for Regulators to provide a neutral and aggregating platform for data acquisition. It is also very important that the data so acquired is validated for common points and is directly from the instruments and analyzers without any possibility of tampering at any point in the chain. EnviroConnect offers these capabilities in seamless manner to the regulators. Once such data is acquired, it will be available to various internal as well as external users for varied business reasons. As such the data integrity is a very important consideration. Quality of data is in a way far more important than quantity or volume of data.

Our Mission

Sunshine's product implementation services leverages proven methodologies and best practices. You are assured that your application is configured to support your organization’s processes.We work with our clients to fully understand their unique requirements and develop designs that meet their needs. We also focus on a final design that will be easy to maintain for our clients over time, ensuring that our client can easily modify any process parameters that are likely to change over time.

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We work closely with our clients in the discovery and design phase to define a solution that fits their unique requirements and then develop an overall project plan that covers not only configuration but also data migration and development. Using an iterative approach, our clients stay involved throughout the software implementation process. Our consultants work with new and current clients to identify how their applications can be modified to leverage new opportunities and gain efficiencies.

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