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Here is the work we've done so far

Portable Gas Detection

The Portable Gas Detection operates on 10 to 28 VDC and provides an analogue signal & Modbus digital signal outputs. Large UV lamp and better sealing allows greater sensitivity, faster response times and better resolution which results in a greater reliability. Guaranteed by humidity compensation even in humid environments.

Portable Instruments

Easy to use portable water test kits to moniter quality of water daily with high-accurate and confident results in low cost.

GSM/GPRS MODEM with Integrated data logger.

Our new communication way which is GSM/GPRS/LAN Modem cum datalogger, this modem is designed Built-in memory backup for data storing from huge no.of MODBUS RS485/232 clients and ADC 0/4-20mA chennales, and sending them to SPCB/CPCB servers with the help of built in GSM modem or LAN connectivity.

Automation Solutions

We provide properly designed and automated instruments with integrated technologies. Our team consits of well trained personnel who can handle integrated technologies for water and wastewater treatment.

Water & Environment Instruments

Instruments moniter the environment pollutants such as contaminants from industry in wastewater or improper disposal practice, ensuring and protecting human health.