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pH electrode

Forbes Marshall’s liquid filled pH electrode, specially designed for pH measurement in pure and ultra pure water applications. The three diaphragm design, ensures adequate outflow of liquid electrolyte for reliable pH measurement in pure water having a low-ionic strength.

• Easy installation in bypass pipelines using flow through chamber.

• Detachable cable connector ensures easy installation and trouble-free maintenance.

• Use of special low-noise, co-axial shielded cable, results in minimized effects of stray voltage.

• Special measuring Glass ensures more easily reproducible measurement results.

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Flow Meters

Flow Meter design meets the demands of a very wide range of applications in industries including the chemical, pulp & paper, water and wastewater, minerals and mining, iron, steel and metals, pharmaceuticals and oil & gas industry. This product is Robust and fully welded construction. Standard solutions for the widest range of industrial applications. Engineered solutions for very demanding applications We are supllying Magnetic Inductive Flow Meter, Vortex Flow Meter, Mass Flow Meter, Variable Area Flow Meter, Ultrasonic Flow Meters.

- Corrosion, erosion / abrasion resistant and leak tight electrodes. Specials on demand

- External coatings for offshore or subsoil installation.

- Reliably measurement under very demanding conditions:including high tempera tures up to 180C / 356F, pressures up to 2500 bar, high solids contents (up to 70%)

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Signal converter for electromagnetic flowmeters IFC 050 / 100

The electromagnetic signal converter IFC 050 / 100 is a perfect choice for measuring volumetric flow in various kinds of applications in the water industry but also in the food and beverage business. The signal converter can be combined with the flow sensors OPTIFLUX 1000, 2000, 4000, 6000 and the WATERFLUX 3000. The output represents measured values for flow, mass and conductivity.

This low-cost signal converter has some specific features:

• For IFC 100 active pulse output for a simple system, like driving an electro-mechanical counter

• For IFC 050 RS485 Modbus communication with a data processing system

• Extra insulation of the electronic device and housing for high performance in areas with extreme humidity and chances for flooding

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Trace Level Turbidity Analyser

Trace Level Measurements with EPA Compliance 90 degree scattered light method The turbidity sensor of the FMTSC-10 (E) uses the 90 degree scattered light method, a global EPA standard. Built-in wiper cleaning system The built-in wiper cleaning system easily keeps the lenses clean. Sapphire glass optical windows The optical windows are made of hard-toscratch sapphire glass. This facilitates scrubbing of the window surface to keep the turbidity sensor clean. The compact design makes installation easy.

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TOC Analyzer

The FM TOC 101 is a single stream analyser which is fully automated and it has many unique features making this instrument exceptionally versatile but amazingly is still very competitively priced. As standard it has automated zero, calibration, sample and wash sequences which enable the system to run on the dirtiest of samples.

Some key specific features are:

In addition it has a sleep mode, this can be controlled either by a programmed time basis or by using a float switch or similar device, when activated the analyser system goes to standby mode saving on chemical usage.

This analyser also has a number of sensors to ensure that the utilities are present like an alarm is raised on a failure.

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